Easy long hair updo!

Hey Yooooo!

Until recently, I’ve always had long hair. I remember the days of 10,000,000 bobby pins just to hold my hair up! And the headache that came along later. So here is a picture tutorial on a “10 pins or less” style! It can be used for a fancy pants formal or just a simple day in the park…. Enjoy! 😘

Start by parting your hair from wherever you prefer in front, to the middle back of your head. Place each half into a ponytail.

Loop each ponytail into itself, topsytail style. Repeat this step every 3(ish) inches until you run out of hair.

Gently pull on each section to loosen it into a pretty, twisted form.

Ta Da!

Take the right side over to the left and secure it to your head just over the left side’s ponytail. Take the left side and pin it to the right. Tuck away any loose strands, hairspray, and you’re ready to go! 

 Thanks for reading! 💕


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