Mermaid Party!

Hey you beautiful people!

Recently my best friend and sister-in-law got married. I was her Matron of Honor. It was a magical day! All of the planning and pre wedding festivities were so much fun!

In honor of our mutual love of Disney, The Little Mermaid, glitter, and my bff’s bright red hair my other bff and I  threw her a surprise “Kiss the Girl” themed shower. Since her wedding was in September we were able to get most of the decor on sale! Actually, most of it came from thrift stores. We grabbed anything we thought would be found in Ariel’s under water cove. So thrifting for knick knacks was a breeze! I’ll show you some of the photos below. At the end of this post I’ll attach a YouTube video showing the setup and her surprised reaction.

You can NEVER have too much coffee!

Everyone that came received a tulle and shell hairpiece and their very own dinglehopper!

We made the Bride her very own Queen of the Ocean crown and shell bra

So much Under the Sea decor!

dave-pulling-aileeahThe Groom escorting his Bride

Aileeah knew about the shower. She just didn’t know the theme. We had her fiancé, Dave bring her in blindfolded.

We placed the royal mermaid crown on her head, added her mermaid shell bra, and did the big reveal! We made both things with items from thrift stores, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart.

Ever the hairstylist, I had to fix her crooked crown. I always underestimate her tender head haha! Sowwy friend!

The rest of the evening was filled with fun, laughter, and LOTS of iced coffee!

Thank you So much for sticking around to read this long! In case you haven’t seen enough, here is the YouTube video. I would LOVE it if you hit thumbs up on the video and subscribe to my channel.

Love always,  Irene


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