Halloween 2016!

Hey guys!

So, yes you are seeing this post after Halloween is over… Instead of doing a “what to wear” post, this will be a “what I wore” post. And since Halloween is (sadly) only one day I had to make the most out of it by dressing up in 4 different costumes. I ended up using the excuse of, “it’s Halloween month” and dressed up 4 separate days.

Look 1.

HERMIONE! This may or may not be the first time I’ve dressed up as Hermione this year ❤️ I threw this one together super quickly. I already had most of the supplies from my trip to Comic Con Albuquerque earlier this year. You can get everything from party city or your own closet. Or like me, you can steal and/or borrow a white button up. The first time I was Hermione I took my brother’s shirt. The second time I took my husband’s 😂

Look 2.

If I’m Completely honest, this look only came about because I told my YouTube group that I was going to do more than 1 costume this year. I tell ya, if you want to give yourself a deadline to get things done, tell the world what you plan to do. Your accountability will definitely kick in! This particular look was going to be a review video on Walgreens’ sold Halloween makeup. Naturally, I waited until the last minute and ran out of film time. I’ll do a blog review instead – this makeup was ok for a quick mini photoshoot but I would Not trust it to last all night! It is an oil based product so it pools into strange spots when the natural grease on your face pops out. And let’s be real, during Halloween week there is a LOT of candy and dancing. You are most definitely going to get either the sugar sweats or the dancing sweats!

Look 3.

This look was SO much fun! My s-i-l has a cat onesie and I borrowed it. Then I looked up a bunch of pictures of jaguars. Then I accidentally stayed on Pinterest for Way too long looking at the pretty animals 😻 from there I used my every day makeup to transform into a human shaped jaguar! All my friends were at work that day. They were all very confused. They just don’t understand the importance of Halloween costumes.

Look 4.

This one was by far my favorite! On Halloween day, I dressed up as Snow White 🍎 What girl doesn’t want to be a princess all day? My hair is longer than hers so I tucked my hair up into a short bob. Then I kept my makeup simple and finished with fake lashes and bright red lips 💋 What did I do that evening you ask? Why, I went to Chipotle for a $3 boo-rito of course!

Thank you for reading!

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– Irene





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