Christmas Party under $100!

Hello Festive people!

*to skip all of the words, scroll below to watch the vlog!

My family takes Christmas celebrations veeery seriously! As in, a Full month of festivities, food, some fighting… you know, normal family holiday stuff 😂 My friends where I live however, could never plug in a light and be content. images<

So, I took it upon myself to become the office Party Planning Committee! Yay! I had a $100 budget which I actually stayed under. That could have not been done without the help of my friends bringing food. $50 of my budget went to food, and $47 went to decor. The Only way I was able to stay under budget with the decor was taking advantage of Joann Fabrics 60% off sale of all holiday decor. It’s a pretty safe bet that from now to Christmas you will see that sale. On top of the discounted prices I also receive their text coupons. They sent out a 20% off your total purchase coupon, Sale Items Included!

We had no Christmas tree, and I ran out of money so I made one out of a c stand. You can basically make a tree shape yourself out of anything tall! DSC00801.JPG<<<<
he table cloth was just 2-1/2 yards of green felt, topped with festive paper plates, melt in your mouth candy canes, cinnamon scented pine cones, and various scattered woodland items. DSC00817.JPGDSC00811.JPGDSC00805.JPGDSC00810.JPGDSC00821 2.JPG<<<<
he food items I purchased (and surprisingly cooked) included the Turkey, a gluten free pumpkin pie, a regular pumpkin pie, and 2 different types of cool whip. My friends Thankfully brought the sides which were salad, mini bbq sausages, potatoes, and the BEST sweet potatoes I have ever had In. My. Life. DSC00845.JPGDSC00843.JPGDSC00863.JPGDSC00841.JPGMy outfit was (of course) oh so extra! I didn’t own anything that matched my standards of Christmas Crazy so I Haaad to make it. As per my usual “throw an outfit together” standards, most of it was stapled together ha!

ou've made it to the end of this post, Thank You! Writing is the bane of my existence so I really appreciate you staying!

I LOVE looking through Christmas decor. Tag me on Instagram if you have decor or (but especially) a Christmas outfit that you are proud of! Bonus points if it's of awesome Christmas onesies!


Irene the Queen



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