Extension FAQ


Thinking about getting hair extensions? Check out these frequently asked questions to see if they are right for you!

Q: How long does my hair have to be? A: We require at least 4 inches of hair from the nape of the neck for the application to not slip out.

Q: I’m getting married. Can I use them for just the wedding then take them out? A: Congratulations! You absolutely can! We offer a more temporary installation called the Express Tape Extensions. They stay in 3-4 weeks, just enough time for your wedding and honeymoon. Once removed, they can be saved and reapplied up to 2 more times. (P.S. Check out the Wedding Page.)

Q: Can the extensions be reapplied? A: The Express Tape extensions can be applied up to 3 different times. The Fusion extensions are a one time use only.

Q: I don’t need my hair to be longer, just thicker. Can I add extensions for a more full look? A: Of course! The extensions are custom cut to your liking. Just one pack installed creates instant fullness.

Q: I want hair as glorious as Rapunzel. Can you do that? A: Tony O’Disho extensions come in as long as 60cm (24″).

Q: How long does the application process take? A: It varies from 35 min up to 4 hours. We’ll entertain you during that time with fun music, hair extensions (of course!), and Coffee!

Q: How long will the extension last in my hair? A: Up to 5 months with Proper care & maintenance.

Q: Will the hair extensions cause damage to my hair? A: With the proper care & maintenance, the hair extensions will not cause damage. The bond that is fused into the hair is made with a patented keratin protein. The keratin is the same protein found in your hair!

Q: I am trying to grow out my hair. Will this ease the awkward grow out transition? A: Yes! Many people have extensions applied during the grow out process.

Q: Will the extensions match my hair color? A: Tony O’Disho offers a wide range of hair colors to choose from, including bold fashion colors!

Q: They are kind of pricey. Do I pay it all at once? A: Here at Irene Loveta Salon your consultation is FREE! During the consultation we will discuss how much hair is required to give you the best natural looking application. Once that amount is decided, we require a 40% deposit to book your spot. The leftover 60% is due during the application appointment.

Q: Should I do this? A: ABSOLUTELY!! Extensions are so fun!